Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nökö is now two years old!

Hi! This is me at 2 weeks old (Way back in May 2007 -picture courtesy of Merja Tolonen, my breeder in Finland). I guess you can see why the typist fell in love with me. The picture below is me at my first cat show - after I became a TICA Champion and just a couple of weeks before I turned 2 years old on April 25, 2009. (Photo Courtesy of Wells Photographic Design). Still cute after all these years!! LOL.

We haven't posted much lately as the typist tried to remove her left thumb with a power tool. She wasn't successful but it has slowed her down some. She's even more clumsy now than usual - can't operate the camera, slow typing, even a bit slow getting our meals on time. We're hoping this improves soon.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cat Space 9

Excuse the x-ray vision eyes and the dark photo but this is the only picture of me that the typist took at our first cat show. Apparently I became a champion on the first day of the show. I always thought I was a champion but at a cat show it seems to have something to do with being taken in and out of one's cage over and over again. I must admit I did get a little grumpy about having my morning nap interrupted. Sasha got so tired of all the comings and goings he did a face plant in his mat. The judges liked him as he won 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th best kitten ribbons.
Some judges liked Ali better than Sasha and she was in 2 finals. Once they even finalled in the same class. (That judge really liked Siberians - good taste don't you think?)