Sunday, November 29, 2009

Winter at Murlyka

We've been having our first skiffs of snow here. Although it was warm this morning, I did my daily exploration of the yard across a snow covered field.
The rest of the cats aren't so adventurous - they tend to want to be upstairs close to the fireplace and aren't interested in poking their noses out the door, let alone walking in the snow.
This is a picture of Ali and her daughter Charlotte (soon to be called Tinker in her new home). They love the Dream Curl and spend a good portion of the day playing or sleeping on it.

Wishing everyone a cosy fire or an electric blanket (my favorite)


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Welcome Prekrasne Roxie Hart of Murlyka

Great News! The newest member of cattery has just arrived after her long journey from Arizona. Despite over 12 hours in transit to Vancouver she came out her carrier purring and happy to be here. The next day she had another plane ride to join us here in Nelson - she was so laid back that she slept in the typist'`s lap in the airport lounge waiting for the next leg of her journey. And as you can see she's a beauty! She's a very feisty little girl who nothing fazes and who has made herself right at home. We are so happy to have her here.