Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

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Tron's Send Off

As you can see, the troop was jumping when they sent off Tron to his new home in Edmonton. As usual, Tron was his quiet self throughout the gathering, not knowing he had two days of driving on his way to his new home. Thanks to our good neighbours Tim and Geri, Tron travelled to Radium and on to Calgary where his new owner Patricia picked him then took him to his forever home in Edmonton. The word is he and his new owner Pat have bonded and are to a fine start...

Wishing Tron and all Murlyka kittens, wherever they may be, mucho purrs and a wonderful new year.

Nökö =^..^=

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Murlyka Fantasia Mondiale (Fanny)

Last but not least - I'm pleased to introduce the last of our little girls. Fanny is the Queen of Purrs and loves to be cuddled. She will be going with her sister Fairy to join a little girl and her family in Kelowna. She is named after the Fantasia Mondiale rose pictured below.
To see more pictures of Fanny - check out her web album

Nökö =^..^=

Murlyka Floral Fairytale (Fairy)

It is my pleasure to introduce our sweet little Fairy - she is one of the smallest girls in the litter but has a heart that belies her size. She is a big time cuddler and purrer! She is named after the Floral Fairytale Rose pictured below. If you want to see more pictures of Fairy check out her web photos

Nökö =^..^=

Murlyka First Prize

First Prize (Pritzy) is the big man in this litter. He got the name because he was the first born of the litter - although we do think he has the potential to win a few prizes. He is a cuddly guy who melts into your petting and begins to purr up a storm. He is a lot like me - a big old lover boy.

For more pictures of Pritzy - check out his album

Nökö =^..^=

Murlyka Folklore (Lori)

This is lovely Lori - her formal name is Folklore from the beautiful American bred rose below.

Lori, the kitten, is a spitfire of a girl - she is always on the move, running, wrestling with her brothers, pestering her sisters, tearing up and down the cat towers, chasing her toys, there is no time for this girl to slow down. That is until she drops and then she out like a light.

For more pictures of Lori - check out her web album

Nökö =^..^=

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Murlyka Fresia (Sunny)

This lovely kitten from litter F is Murlyk Fresia. The rose Fresia is also known as Sunsprite so we've nicknamed this little girl Sunny. She is a ray of sunshine - sweet cuddly and playful as can be.

If you want to see more pictures of Sunny her album is here

Introducing Murlyka Frederic Mistral

You might wonder why the picture of the old dude and then a picture of a pretty pink rose when this is a kitten blog.
Bear with us - it is my strange way of introducing my boy Fred (or Frederic Mistral to be formal). At Murlyka all our kittens are named after roses that are then planted in our gardens - that way when the kittens have gone to their new homes we have a beautiful rose to remind us of their time with us. The old dude is here because Fred's rose is named after a French poet and this what he looks like. So our Fred is obviously much cuter than the dude and definitely more handsome than rose. He's a very sweet guy with the "wild" Siberian look that we love.

For more photos of Fred - check out

Nökö =^..^=

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