Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our Japanese Girls -Kaede and Kurumi

Kittens #1 and #4 (Murlyka Dainty Bess and Murlyka Distant Drums) are doing very well in their New Westminister home with Kaoru and Wade. Kaoru gave them very appropriate Japanese names. Since they are forest cats they have been named after trees - #1 is Kaede (maple tree) and # 4 is Kurumi (walnut tree).
As you can see they are best buddies and love to sleep in boxes.
What cat doesn't?

I hope you are enjoying pictures of the grandkids!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Charly (Dublin Bay) in his new home!

Here is another one of my grandsons - He's very handsome and looks much like his mother Roxie. His registered name is Dublin Bay and his home name is Charly. He lives with Sibylle and Arne in Pemberton BC. He is very, very well loved and a very lucky boy.

We miss him here but I'm very happy to see my grandchildren in such wonderful homes.


Sasha/Maddie Owning the House

Well its been almost 2 weeks since my son Sasha and his daughter (with Prekrasne Roxie) Maddie moved to their new home with Marlene and Ken. Being the great Siberians they are - it hasn't taken long for them to make themselves at home.

Marlene reports that they now "own" the house. Here is a picture of them in one of the bathrooms they have taken over....

I'll try to get more pictures of Maddie's siblings in their new homes in the near future.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dream Come True's Colors

I'm known for my kittens' warm brown colorings...but Dream Come True (Maddie) and my grand daughter (parents Prekrasne Roxie Hart and Murlyka Alexandre) has the warmest brown coloring I've seen. It was so warm that judges at Maddie's first cat show were sure that she was a torbie. However since there are no reds in either side of the family - they had to acknowledge she's a very warm brown.

Interestingly - her coloring has just got warmer and warmer since she was about 3 months old. We look forward to seeing her in her mature coat and if she maintains these red tones.


>^=^< Nökö

Monday, November 8, 2010

Roxie's boys are stars!

Hi All
Sorry for the long hiatus! Things have been very busy here - the typist is teaching this fall and she's commuting for 12 hours a week. She's says either I get fed and have my litter box cleaned or we work on the blog - so its a no brainer for me! Food and cuddles win every time.

Just got a wonderful video of Disco (Luigi) and Darcey (Mario) working out on the treadmill.... Check it out. They are turning into very handsome young men!

Here is the link