Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Tower

Greetings from Sunshine Bay - although its anything but sunny today. It's raining so it wasn't hard to convince the typist to update things.

The excitement yesterday was a "new" to us - cat tower.

A lovely Ragdoll named Whisper decided she so many windows and other perches to sit on in her new home that she longer needed this perch. We, of course, are ecstatic with the new tower and you see the crew checking it out. We Sibs like to be in the highest spot possible. More towers mean more of us get to be surveying the world from up high. You can see that Danny (Prekrasne Daniela), although low cat on the totem pole, always finds the toy first. You'll also notice that Anya and her daughter rule the roost. We guys don't have much of a chance!
Lucky there are lots of other towers and perches for the definitely second-in-command males of the household.
Bye for now

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ali & Sasha Six Months Old


Nökö here! We like any reason to celebrate and since Ali & Sasha are officially 6 months old we thought we honor them in today's post.

Not to be a boastful dad - well, maybe just a little boastful- these kitten/teenager cats are something special. They seem to have inherited the best of me (Nökö) and their mother Anya.
Here some photos to show you what I mean.
They are very athletic - both of them excel at clicker training and can't wait to start the agility circuit. Here's Sasha showing off some of his athletic prowess. He's a heavy boned solid guy. Last week he weighed 9.6 lbs (4.4 kg).
Ali is our sultry beauty. She has my classic coloring - and her mother's lovely eyes. She's a heavy boned solid girl (kinda of like me - except for the girl part). She weighed 8 lbs (3.6kg) last week. Here's a closeup! The best part is that even though they are teenagers they are incredibly even tempered and happy cats. They purr all the time and love their people with a passion. They are very creative and are forever finding new games to amuse themselves and their humans.

So wishing Sasha, Ali and our readers all the best on this their six month birthday!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weighty Issues

Hi all
Nökö here!
My breeder, Merja, recently posted (http://siperiankissa.blogspot.com/) some pictures of her N litter being weighed. Those pictures reminded the typist and I of some "weighty" pictures of me back when I reached 4 kg. I was still living in Finland when these pictures were taken (Nov 07) but the typist thought I was a pretty laid back and goofy guy and could hardly wait to bring me home.
What do you think?

I no longer fit the bowl or the scale - this is what it takes to weigh me these days-----
Bye for now

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Picture addendum to last post.

Well the typist seems to have forgotten how to blog. For some reason she couldn't get the pictures on the last blog.

Here is the island she said reminded me of me? Pretty lame don't you think
Koh Noh Island
Here is the picture of the only semi-long haired cat seen during their trip to Thailand.

Bye for now!


Finally The Typist Returns

Hello All. Nökö here!
You may have been wondering why I haven't posted for awhile. Well the typist left for a month in Thailand and although were very well cared for by Les (we nicknamed him Laser Les as he seemed to like playing with the laser light almost as much as we cats), he wasn't much of a typist.

The typist says she thought of us often - apparently there was an island that shared my name - although a little garbled. It was called Koh Noh.
I think the typist was gone so long she forgot my name and the island doesn't look anything like my handsome self.
She did find one cat that stood out from all others in Thailand - Maybe its that new breed ? ?Leopold?

But since she's been home things have been busy here. Did I tell you we're in the midst of building a new house. Normally we have the run of the full house but they are plastering upstairs - so while the workers are here - we spend the day in the cat room. The workers have a dog and a puppy so we had some interesting times in the outdoor cat room watching that crazy puppy hassle the big dog. Below you see Sasha teasing the puppy.