Monday, December 13, 2010

Miisu and KD relaxing in the Cat's Eye

It's a rainy winter afternoon and Miisu and KD have found the perfect place to hang out. They usually sit on top and look out the window. But today they settled in for a little nap.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lovely Miisu

Here is a lovely Miisu. She has the most amazing green eyes and is a very great hunter. She can leap about 3 feet in the air to catch a flying toy.

Me enjoying the winter weather

Its a winter day - this is my favorite rock that I like to hang out on. I don't really like the snow but the typist has shovelled a nice path to my rock so I still get have my daily runabout.
Hope you're enjoying winter in your part of the world.


Thought we'd show Roxie in her full winter coat. She has recovered nicely from her kittens and is really enjoying having an empty nest. She is having her second kittenhood!! Playing with her sparkle balls and playing Thundercat (race around the house) with the other girls.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our Japanese Girls -Kaede and Kurumi

Kittens #1 and #4 (Murlyka Dainty Bess and Murlyka Distant Drums) are doing very well in their New Westminister home with Kaoru and Wade. Kaoru gave them very appropriate Japanese names. Since they are forest cats they have been named after trees - #1 is Kaede (maple tree) and # 4 is Kurumi (walnut tree).
As you can see they are best buddies and love to sleep in boxes.
What cat doesn't?

I hope you are enjoying pictures of the grandkids!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Charly (Dublin Bay) in his new home!

Here is another one of my grandsons - He's very handsome and looks much like his mother Roxie. His registered name is Dublin Bay and his home name is Charly. He lives with Sibylle and Arne in Pemberton BC. He is very, very well loved and a very lucky boy.

We miss him here but I'm very happy to see my grandchildren in such wonderful homes.


Sasha/Maddie Owning the House

Well its been almost 2 weeks since my son Sasha and his daughter (with Prekrasne Roxie) Maddie moved to their new home with Marlene and Ken. Being the great Siberians they are - it hasn't taken long for them to make themselves at home.

Marlene reports that they now "own" the house. Here is a picture of them in one of the bathrooms they have taken over....

I'll try to get more pictures of Maddie's siblings in their new homes in the near future.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dream Come True's Colors

I'm known for my kittens' warm brown colorings...but Dream Come True (Maddie) and my grand daughter (parents Prekrasne Roxie Hart and Murlyka Alexandre) has the warmest brown coloring I've seen. It was so warm that judges at Maddie's first cat show were sure that she was a torbie. However since there are no reds in either side of the family - they had to acknowledge she's a very warm brown.

Interestingly - her coloring has just got warmer and warmer since she was about 3 months old. We look forward to seeing her in her mature coat and if she maintains these red tones.


>^=^< Nökö

Monday, November 8, 2010

Roxie's boys are stars!

Hi All
Sorry for the long hiatus! Things have been very busy here - the typist is teaching this fall and she's commuting for 12 hours a week. She's says either I get fed and have my litter box cleaned or we work on the blog - so its a no brainer for me! Food and cuddles win every time.

Just got a wonderful video of Disco (Luigi) and Darcey (Mario) working out on the treadmill.... Check it out. They are turning into very handsome young men!

Here is the link

Friday, September 10, 2010

Litter D Update

Well five of the litter D kittens have been in their new homes for about a week. Reports are they are settling in nicely and have charmed their new owners totally with their big purrs and their nonstop antics.

Kittens #2 and #3 (Now named Darcey Bussell and Disco Tango) were the first to leave home. Disco didn't miss a step and was ready to rock as soon as they moved in with Tia-Toni and Adam in Kelowna. Darcey being a little more sensitive was very glad to have his big brother along to help with his transition.

There namesake roses are below

David Austen's
Darcey Bussell

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Leaving home

Well its that bittersweet time. The kittens from Litter D have been neutered/spayed and this week they will begin leaving for their new homes. Its bitter because we will definitely miss this lively and adorable crew. It is sweet because they are going to wonderful homes and 2 sets of kittens are going as pairs so they won't be lonely. They seem to know something is up - today we found them all sleeping together (maybe it also has something to do with the colder weather) but I thought I'd share the pictures with you. Poor little Didi (#4) is on the bottom and you can't see can only see Disco's (#3) ears but you can see they are all fine, fine Siberians.

Bye for now - Noko!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Murlyka D 8 wk Group shot

Well we finally did it - got all the kittens together and got a picture.
You need to catch them when they are tired and then you need to keep them all awake -

I think its a mighty fine bunch of grandchildren - wouldn't you agree?


Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Sky Tower

The girls were rather jealous of my outdoor run - so the builder made a little space for them.
He made a beautiful run just outside their door but the typist thought the Siberians need places to get
up high and enjoy the view - so this is what the builder came up with - There are three longs runs suspended from the ceiling like the one Miisu is laying on.

They connect with gang planks for the kittens to walk or as they get braver they simply jump from one to another. Room for the whole litter of kittens and all the girls to hang out and look down on the rest of the world.

I gotta say the builder is a pretty handy guy to for a cat to hang around with.


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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anya and Alina

So this is what retirement looks like - my first love Anya and our daughter Alina (Ali) now leave in Vernon, BC with 5 adoring family members. Here they are enjoying the view from the window - you can clearly see the difference between a mackerel tabby (left) and a classic tabby (right) in this picture. They both have great coats and beautiful eyes. We miss them here at Murlyka but are very happy that they have found such a wonderful new family to pamper them.

Introducing Seven

Seven is a beautiful little girl who looks a lot like her mom. She is a mackerel tabby with high white markings including a white shoulder necklace and chevron on her back. She is finished off with a white tip on her tail and dark left elbow patch.

They don't come any sweeter than seven - she loves to cuddle in beside you and purr.

She's doing all the big cat things like using the water fountain and going outside in the cat run - To see her in action check out her web album



Thursday, July 15, 2010

Introducing 6

Six is the sweetest little boy. He is a very dark mackerel tabby with a white tip and extra white mark on his tail. He has dramatic white eyeliner and lovely symmetrical blaze on his forehead. At the moment he has the loudest purr and is one of the most cuddly of all the kittens. He also can be a very playful boy as you can see by checking out his web album


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Introducing Five

One of these kittens is not like the others - one of these kittens is not the same (Sesame Street). Well the kitten that isn't like the others is the beautiful classic girl Five. She is the only one of the litter that takes after our side of the family - more specifically me! with her beautiful classic markings and no white. She is a solid, stocky girl whose coat is getting thicker and fluffier everyday (that she gets from her Daddy Sasha). She also gets her sweet sad expression from her Dad. She loves to eat, play and check things out. She will be going with Sasha (when he retires) to live with Marlene and Ken - who are very lucky to get two of my most beautiful offspring.

Check out more pictures of Five on her web album


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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Introducing Four

As you can see she started out cute and just got cuter and cuter. Four is a black classic tabby with white little girl. Her asymmetrical facial markings make her quite distinctive. She is quite the little princess who happens to have a huge "meow" when encouraging the typist to get the food ready more quickly and the loudest purr when scratched behind her ears. Despite her princess appearance she is a playful girl who loves to wrestle.

Check out more pictures on her webalbum


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Friday, July 9, 2010

Introducing Three

Three is a lovely mackerel tabby with white boy. He has the least white of all the bicolor kittens. You can check out all his markings in his web album.

He is a hefty boy - He was the largest kitten at birth - a mere 5 gms heavier than the next kitten. Now he is about 100 gms heavier than the others. He likes to eat and sleep and as you can see from the pictures above he also likes to play. He loves his ears scratched and will cuddle close to get some loving.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introducing "Two"





Hi Sorry for the delay in introducing "Two" but the typist has misplaced the camera cord. Who knows what she'll lose next.

Anyway these pictures are a few days old but you get a sense of what a lovely mackerel tabby and white boy Two is. He has a tiny white tip on his tail and an even tinier (about 20 white hairs) spot on his left shoulder. He and Three look a lot alike but when looking at them from above Two's white makes a necklace across his shoulders.

We are always wondering what will Two get up too next - as he's always on the go - checking out the every toy, every one who comes in the room and what's to eat, what's to chase. He loves being scratched and especially loves running up to the camera to see how it works.

We'll be updating his web album when the typist finds the rest of the camera........ In the meantime you can check out his pictures from last Friday.

BFN Nökö
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Introducing Murlyka Litter D Kitten One





It is my great pleasure to introduce ONE - The typist hopes to get their registered names soon but at the moment they are still One, Two, etc. in the order they were born.

ONE is a black classic tabby with white and our female rendition of a little Charlie Chaplin with her black nose. She is a fearless little girl and just as she was the first to enter the world, she was the first to climb out of the birthing basket, the first to drink milk, the first to eat big cat food, etc. She is our little ground breaker - where One goes the others follow.

As you can see from the picture above One is also a food critic - who didn't think much of the last glop the typist tried to feed them.

You can see more pictures of One on her web album.

Tomorrow - Pictures of Two!

>OO< Nökö
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