Thursday, May 31, 2012

Litter D Second B/D

Well with all the excitement with Elina and Wulfgar's new litter - we almost forgot that litter D was born May 28, 2010.  So happy second Birthday to them all!

Maddie is such a warm brown that she had all the judges mistaking her for a torbie.  She still has the lovely coloring!

Marlene and Ken the owners of Maddie (Murlyka Dream Come True) were the first to check in.  Maddie lives with Dad [ the wonderful love bug Murlyka Alexandre (Sasha)] in Halfmoon Bay. BC
Sasha and his friend Elmo.

She and Sasha have a great outdoor run and as  you can see a great life indoors as well.  

Good to see my son and grandbaby in a happy home!

Nökö   =^..^=

Monday, May 28, 2012

Litter H has arrived

Well my dear daughter Elina had her first litter of kittens with our new stud - the sweet boy QGC Mystic Melody Wulfgar.
 Blue Boy
 Black Tabby Boy 1
 Tabby with White Boy 1
 Our tiny girl and one of her big brothers
 Tabby with White Boy 2
 Tabby Boy 2
Elina and Babies

She did need a c-section but thanks to exemplary veterinary care - mother and babies are all fine.  There are 5 big boys (around 128 -132 gms) and one tiny little girl (74 gms).  Despite her small size she was the first to figure how to latch on and is nursing all the time (as you can see from her picture above) - so we are confident she will gain weight quickly.

So I think I now have about 15 grandchildren.  Looking forward to having more.

Nökö   =^..^=

Sunday, May 20, 2012

George (Murlyka First Prize) and his best friend

Although we don't have any dogs here in Sunshine Bay ( we do listen to the coyotes howl every day though) - our kittens don't have any trouble adapting to life with a canine friend.

Here are some beautiful pictures of my fine son George (formerly Pritzy from Litter F) and his best buddy Jake.  Now it really helped that Jake is a very well trained and well mannered 7 year old dog but George soon figured that despite the size difference Jake would make the perfect play companion.  I'm not sure Jake feels the same but he takes in stride this pushy little new comer in his household.

       " Pssst!  Jake are you awake?  Want to play?"
    " I got you!"

Thanks to George's owner Michelle for the great pictures.

Nökö   =^..^=

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Murlyka Eisenach

I'm very excited and proud to say that my boy Eisenach (Sena - also known at his home in New Brunswick as Kody) had a very good first show in TICA.  At 11 mons old in his first show as an adult he was showing against the second highest point Siberian alter in the world and still won 5 finals including a Best Cat.  His owner Diane reports he has the perfect show personality - and is a big love bug.  You can see from his pictures from the show, he was very relaxed he and how much he takes after his handsome Dad!  He is one very sturdy guy!

I'm sure his mom Roxy (now retired and living in Edmonton) is very proud as well.

Nökö   =^..^=