Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm a Granpa!

Murlyka Alina (my first born) had her first litter on Monday night. She had one big classic tabby boy (maybe he'll take after granpa) and one not quite so big but just as beautiful mackerel tabby girl. The boy is in the top picture and the girl is posing with her Granma Anya - who just couldn't leave the kittens alone (You know what first time granmas can be like). The kittens and mom are doing fine. They came just in time because our Murlyka B litter will be leaving in the next few weeks - so we won't be without kittens. Those kittens keep you young!

Bye for now
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Window Kittens!!!!

Belle and Bonnie love to sit on the window above the typist's desk. They have a great view of the pond from here and of course get to assist with editing, plus getting frequent head scratches.

In case you're wondering -
I'm taking things easy in the late days of summer - mostly sleeping in the shade, chasing a few grasshoppers and of course eating grass- my favorite snack. But on the work side I'm helping with the pond design and site location for my new house. I'm getting very excited about the new digs!!! - We'll profile my new house in a later post once its built. It even has a guest room for visiting cats!
Hope you're enjoying your summer.