Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome Back!

The typist has been away visiting with her mom and other relatives in BC. Although the spouse takes good care of us - I just can't get him to type for me. So hence the long hiatus between posts. The kittens are now 10 weeks today. They are getting very big - with Ali the largest and Sasha close behind (both at 3.5 lbs/ 1570 gms). Toni is going to a bit more petite - more like her mom. Since the kittens are eating more and more solid food and Anya does not have to be on call all the time - I've been recruited to do some kitten sitting. Above you see me trying to keep a eye on them all. No easy task!
As any parent knows children don't always follow directions.
They also demand a lot of attention.
I try to set a good example...
Teaching hygiene. Going for father-son walks...
But with kittens things do happen....
And I think the typist blames me for this - if you notice Anya's ear is in the picture -but she left the scene of the mishap pretty quickly! But I took responsibility for it all and even gave moral support as the typist cleaned up.
The typist says we got to wrap up - so here's some birthday photos of my beautiful girls and my mellow boy.Sasha
Bye for now.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

On the eve of their 7 week birthday

Greetings! I never thought that 17 months I'd be feeling old but seven week old kittens can do that to you. Everyday this week, they went further, faster, higher and longer. It seems that play, play and more play is the only thing on their calenders.

But tiring as it is - its great fun. Then now run from one end the house to the other and quickly back again. They do stop for food - as you can see from above where they are fueling up for the next set of races.

The typist is visiting her mother for a few weeks so this is a short post.
I've just attached pictures of the kittens - You can see their lovely warm brown colors!





Toni and Ali