Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Murlyka Litter C kittens have blossomed

Murlyka Litter C kittens hiding out above

My first grandchildren have finally graduated from 'boy' and 'girl' to their official Murlyka cattery names. The typist names the kittens after her favorite roses and each kitten born at Murlyka cattery will have their namesake rose planted in our garden. I suggested that we name them after different grasses (my favorite thing in the garden) but that was vetoed.

So it is my pleasure to announce Murlyka Charlotte, one of the most beautiful David Austin roses. Its a warm beauty just like our little girl.

The little boy in this litter is named after Charles Austin - a warm apricot rose.
Our little Austin is the warmest little fellow himself - full of purrs and cuddles!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Belle & Murlyka LItter C

Our babies are growing up. Belle Story is 16 weeks old and is going to her new home with Katharine and Aaron tomorrow. Murlyka Litter C kittens are now exploring outside their nest. Belle thinks they are her new toy. Belle loves to chase her own tail - she now seems equally fascinated with the tails of her neice and nephew. The kittens aren't so sure - its hard enough walking without someone trying to grab your tail all the time.


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Friday, October 9, 2009

Home # 3

My daughter Ali is very fussy about where her kittens live and who gets to see them. As a result the newest litter is now on their third or maybe their fourth home. Here you can see she's tucked them into a little cave - its very cozy when Mom is in with them. As the kittens are just over 3 weeks and are becoming more mobile everyday - its probably a good spot for them to begin to explore. We are trying to choose names for our Litter C roses and we hope to post the results soon.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bonnie settling into her new home

Aren't these great pictures? Our dear Bonnie (now called Mango) is settling well into her new home in Orleans, ON (close to Ottawa). Christine sent us these beautiful pictures of our spunky girl. There are two older cats in her new house so her family is very carefully introducing them to each other.
Now if Bonnie-Mango takes after her old daddy she'll get along with any cat... I'll update you soon....

Our dear little Belle Story will leaving for Vancouver this weekend. Its a bittersweet time - we are happy they are going to such great homes but we will miss them greatly!

Bye for now


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