Thursday, July 16, 2009

The kittens keep cool during the heat wave!

Hi there - after a week of rain and great thunderstorms - I like them if I'm safe in my house - not so much if I get caught in the rain- we are having some real (or at least typical July weather ) of 30 degrees or so.
The kittens spend most of their days in the relative cool of the cat room. As you can see from the latest movie I made (they are doing all the things big cats do now). Playing, cleaning and sleeping - whoops I forgot eating!!! I'll get pictures of that in the next blog.

Bye for now Nökö

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The B litter Roses have bloomed

Well the kittens are almost 4 weeks old and they have been given their official registered names. They will be given "home" names by their new owners but on their registration papers they will officially be Murlyka Bonica and Murlyka Belle Story also known here as Bonnie and Belle. Now you might wonder where the names came from. Certainly not from me - the typist asked me to name my favorite things - but she didn't think that eating, head bunting or sleeping were good names for kittens. She said one of her favorite things are roses - so the kittens are named after some of her favorite roses that start with B.
Bonica is a pink rose bred in France. It's described as delightful and known for its health and constitution. She has at least 10 Bonica roses in her garden and now we have a healthy Bonica kitten. The Rose:

Our Bonica:

Belle Story is an English Rose named after one of the first nursing sisters to join Britain's Royal Navy in 1864. Besides being a beautiful and rather unique rose, I think the typist liked the nursing connection.
The Rose:

Our Belle Story:

Bye for now Nökö

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The kittens "bust out" of the big house (Basket)

The kittens are 25 days and getting more and more mobile. Here is a slideshow of them "escaping" from their basket.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update on life in Murlyka cattery

Well the lazy days of summer are here and today I had a great time chasing butterflies, rolling in the dirt and sleeping away the morning in the old hazel nut tree.

Now I know you really are much more interested in the kittens - so here are their latest photos. Big continues to be much more cooperative when taking pictures. Little just wants to be on the move and takes off when the camera appears and her closeups look like a little fox slinky away in the forest. They both are tottering around but still like to stay close to Mom and their nest.

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