Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm a Poppa!

Very exciting news! Last night (well early this morning) the first kittens from Murlyka cattery were born! I now am the proud father of three beautiful tabbie kittens - two girls and a boy. The boy is definitely a mackeral tabbie - while the girls are currently looking a bit more like me (classic tabby). Right now they are so busy eating its hard to get a good look at them. Anya (Vonliebchens Anya) has really taken to motherhood. This is no surprise, as she is always mothering all of us. She is happily purring away and feeding those babies.

That's all for now - We'll try to get pictures to you later today.


Amantes Siberian Cats said...

Big congratulations, poppa Nökö!! All the relatives in Finland, especially brohter Pera and dad Cedi and mom Izzi, are very proud of you and your babies! Hugs to all babies and take good care of mom Anya!
Merja and Amante's Siberians

Unknown said...

Hello, Unca Nökö, and congratulations on becoming a father! May your three grow up to be at least as fine Siberians as my twelve.

Purrs and meows from
your nephew Otto
and the others at Talvivaaran cattery

Murlyka Siberian Cattery said...

Thanks Merja and Aino. Good to hear from all my relatives back home. Glad to be able to keep in touch. I agree that nothing could be finer than Siberians kittens like my relatives at Amantes and Talvivaaran!