Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Welcome back - here you see me taking some time to "stop and smell the roses"- well in my case its grass. With busy, busy kittens its hard to take anytime for yourself. Five weeks have flown by - the kittens are growing quickly. They becoming fierce (but lovable) little tigers with nice lynx tips on their ears and longer, fluffier coats. They are also much more mobile - they spent the afternoon in the living room (a first!!), climbing and wrestling. They even took time out from their play to help the typist on the laptop.
That's Ali on the keyboard and Sasha's face and Toni's leg in the little house I brought with me from Finland.

Ali is still the largest by 20 gms but they are all over 700 grams. They all have discovered raw food and attack their Feline Future chicken with a vengeance. Overall they still prefer Mom's milk bar as you can see below.

The kittens are also living up to the Murlyka Cattery name. Murlyka is from the Russian to purr. The cattery was named because of our amazing and constant purrs: Anya - a beautiful trilling and chirping purr; - my deep and masculine rumble: our two buddies - Prekrasne Daniela- for her steady motor and Tazmin-who purrs loudly and constantly. The kittens now purr when snuggled in their bed, when petted and of course when eating at Mom's.

This is Toni -Surveying the world from her Finnish Cat house. She's also very meticulous-you often catch her washing her hands!

Ali is often the first to go on new adventures! On the left you see her running out to see what's new and below watching a spider climb up the wall.

Sasha is a tough little guy who's also ready for anything.

He and his sisters wrestle all the time.

Sasha has the upper paw.
Then Toni makes a counter move. This is all very important practice to become great hunters like Anya and myself.

The kittens' eye color is changing from generic kitten color to what will be their adult color. We are hoping that all three kittens have beautiful green eyes like their mother but time will tell. What color do you think Ali's eyes will be?

This was a rather long post but I had lots of news to share. Hope you enjoyed the latest update. Please share any comments. Bye for now.
Nökö Cat


twinreflections said...

the cats are changing fast.

Murlyka Siberian Cattery said...

Yes they certainly are - hard to believe they are only just 6 weeks old now! They are becoming much more interactive with each other and with people. Thanks for following the blog!