Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome Back!

The typist has been away visiting with her mom and other relatives in BC. Although the spouse takes good care of us - I just can't get him to type for me. So hence the long hiatus between posts. The kittens are now 10 weeks today. They are getting very big - with Ali the largest and Sasha close behind (both at 3.5 lbs/ 1570 gms). Toni is going to a bit more petite - more like her mom. Since the kittens are eating more and more solid food and Anya does not have to be on call all the time - I've been recruited to do some kitten sitting. Above you see me trying to keep a eye on them all. No easy task!
As any parent knows children don't always follow directions.
They also demand a lot of attention.
I try to set a good example...
Teaching hygiene. Going for father-son walks...
But with kittens things do happen....
And I think the typist blames me for this - if you notice Anya's ear is in the picture -but she left the scene of the mishap pretty quickly! But I took responsibility for it all and even gave moral support as the typist cleaned up.
The typist says we got to wrap up - so here's some birthday photos of my beautiful girls and my mellow boy.Sasha
Bye for now.

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