Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Politely Decline

If you're wondering why I'm looking a little tired we just got back from Spokane last night. So to all you cats out there - if anyone asks you to go to Spokane - politely decline. Speaking from experience - going to Spokane which sounds like it could be fun - actually just means far, far, far too much time in to many small spaces. Four to five hours in my carrier during the road trip, then the hotel said - I had to stay in the bathroom when the typist and the spouse were out for dinner and a movie. What fun is that? Can you believe at US customs they confiscated my dry cat food? Then all the typist could find was some canned food that both Anya and I had the good sense to refuse to eat. The next day Anya and I spent the morning at Inland Empire Imaging - nice people but again they wanted me to sit still for 45 mins while they looked at my heart. It was almost a relief to get back in the car for the five hour trip home.
Boy am I glad to be back!

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