Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

In my last post some people felt I was being too hard on Tazmin because she just lounges around all day. So I thought I show what I've been up to. The Boss and I built these retaining walls while Tazmin slept in the sun. The Boss actually did most of the work - but he couldn't have done without my supervision and encouragement. So you can see we hard working mountain cats just aren't beautiful - we're productive too

On the kitten front - we're all still waiting and waiting and waiting some more. Anya is quite calm about it all - while the typist and I are eager for them to be born.

Now that it's summer and the deer fence is completed Sasha and I have been helping in the garden. The deer fence keeps the deer and other predators out and keeps we cats safely inside. So we're eager to get outside our regular pens every morning. Here's Sasha begging for his turn in the garden.

Sasha has also been checking on the household faucets - one of his favorite activities. So you can see we mountain cats do work hard!


Bb said...

hi diane.. ur cat is so gorgeous!! :)

Bb said...

thanks diane..
your cats are just not pretty.. seems smart as well.. i have a few cats too.. but i must admit your babies are attractive than mine. :)