Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Murlyka Litter C kittens have blossomed

Murlyka Litter C kittens hiding out above

My first grandchildren have finally graduated from 'boy' and 'girl' to their official Murlyka cattery names. The typist names the kittens after her favorite roses and each kitten born at Murlyka cattery will have their namesake rose planted in our garden. I suggested that we name them after different grasses (my favorite thing in the garden) but that was vetoed.

So it is my pleasure to announce Murlyka Charlotte, one of the most beautiful David Austin roses. Its a warm beauty just like our little girl.

The little boy in this litter is named after Charles Austin - a warm apricot rose.
Our little Austin is the warmest little fellow himself - full of purrs and cuddles!

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