Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sasha/Maddie Owning the House

Well its been almost 2 weeks since my son Sasha and his daughter (with Prekrasne Roxie) Maddie moved to their new home with Marlene and Ken. Being the great Siberians they are - it hasn't taken long for them to make themselves at home.

Marlene reports that they now "own" the house. Here is a picture of them in one of the bathrooms they have taken over....

I'll try to get more pictures of Maddie's siblings in their new homes in the near future.



goretti3 said...

Hi Sasha and Maddie,

Nice to see both of you made yourselves at home. You both look so similar and I cannot find out who is Sasha and who is Maddie. But one thing for sure is that both of you are ADORABLE AND BEAUTIFUL!

Murlyka Siberian Cattery said...

Maddie is in the sink. When they are side by side its much easier - Maddie is a lot smaller and a classic tabby.