Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cookie in a bag

Its great to hear from the new owners of our kittens. Ginger and family from Saskatoon sent a couple of pictures of their dear Cookie ( Litter D #7 - Murlkya Double Delight). I love this picture because she looks so much like her mother Roxie - and it appears that Cookie just like her mother is always finding something to entertain herself with!

Bye for now.
>-< Noko

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goretti3 said...

Hi Cookie. Nice to see you here and know that you enjoy a good life in your new home! You probably be the pearl on your owner's palm, do you think the same way as I think? You seem enjoying hiding in this recycle bag and have fun in it! I think your mom, Roxie, will glad to know that you are enjoy your life and be happy all the time.