Sunday, December 4, 2011

Introducing Murlyka Frederic Mistral

You might wonder why the picture of the old dude and then a picture of a pretty pink rose when this is a kitten blog.
Bear with us - it is my strange way of introducing my boy Fred (or Frederic Mistral to be formal). At Murlyka all our kittens are named after roses that are then planted in our gardens - that way when the kittens have gone to their new homes we have a beautiful rose to remind us of their time with us. The old dude is here because Fred's rose is named after a French poet and this what he looks like. So our Fred is obviously much cuter than the dude and definitely more handsome than rose. He's a very sweet guy with the "wild" Siberian look that we love.

For more photos of Fred - check out

Nökö =^..^=

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Mia said...

He's a handsome guy!!