Monday, November 3, 2008

The Thunders Cats!

Thunder is exactly what the kittens sound like as they race up and down the halls- hence the name Thunder cats. How three little kittens can sound like a whole herd of horses stampeding is beyond me. They especially sound like this when the typist mentions that food is on the way. They just can't get to their dishes fast enough and end up tripping each other and themselves and sometimes the typist in their hurry. They are definitely little cats now in terms of their appetites.

My babies are also further perfecting their hunting techniques. Toni shows us how to capture the great woolly sock!

Below you see Ali pointing out to Toni the best approach to catch the circling mouse.
In this picture Ali demonstrates the wobble mouse technique to her mother.
Above you see Toni pointing out her grampa Cedi on the computer! I proud to say that my Poppa Cedric Siberian Star is an European Champion. He lives in Helsinki with my Mom and Dad and their typist Merja. I miss them all but its nice to have pictures to remind me of home and to let the kittens know about their fine heritage.

My kittens are getting to the age where they will soon be leaving their homes. Toni is probably going to a family in North Vancouver, while Ali will be remaining at here at Murlyka Cattery.
Sasha is looking for a breeding home - he's a wonderful boy - he has a sweet expression like his Grampa and a very, very mellow temperment. I'll write more about him in my next post.

Bye for now


Unknown said...

so when are the cats moving to there new digs.

Amantes Siberian Cats said...

WOW, these kittens look fabulous, grandpa Cedi and grandma Izzi are really sooo proud!! Hugs from me and the Amante's gang from Finland! Nökö get extra kisses! I hope he is not embarrased:-)

Unknown said...

Hi To bgg (aka mirror image).
Toni will be moving sometime in December - BC mountain roads cooperating!