Monday, December 22, 2008

Day in the Life of Sasha

The typist is "on hold" with an airline (which means we have an hour at least ) so we thought we share a typical day for Sasha. He likes to check out the deer as they come down from the mountain to drink at the stream. Today we saw nine - sorry but the typist missed most of them in the picture.
He then waits patiently as typist makes breakfast.
Then its time for some work and some play. He makes sure there is enough toilet paper for the day. Then he checks out the temperature of the typist's bath. Goes in for a closer inspection of the quality of the water.
Then run to the other end of tub to make sure its filling properly Somewhere along the line he fell in -
But as always he took it in stride and happlily dried off.

Then spent some quality time in the chair in front of the fireplace.
Hope you liked the little glimpse into a kitten's busy day.



Amantes Siberian Cats said...

Nökö is a super editor, I really liked the way he reports it! It is quite imprtant to have somebody in the house inspecting around that everything is working well and correctly:-) You sure have a very exciting "wild life" there with deers and stuff. The city life in Helsinki sounds quite boring compering to that....

My Siberian Kitties said...

Funny !! what an adventure !

Smokey(ILM), Mishka, Mila & Zateynik's Mom - Jackie