Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally The Typist Returns

Hello All. Nökö here!
You may have been wondering why I haven't posted for awhile. Well the typist left for a month in Thailand and although were very well cared for by Les (we nicknamed him Laser Les as he seemed to like playing with the laser light almost as much as we cats), he wasn't much of a typist.

The typist says she thought of us often - apparently there was an island that shared my name - although a little garbled. It was called Koh Noh.
I think the typist was gone so long she forgot my name and the island doesn't look anything like my handsome self.
She did find one cat that stood out from all others in Thailand - Maybe its that new breed ? ?Leopold?

But since she's been home things have been busy here. Did I tell you we're in the midst of building a new house. Normally we have the run of the full house but they are plastering upstairs - so while the workers are here - we spend the day in the cat room. The workers have a dog and a puppy so we had some interesting times in the outdoor cat room watching that crazy puppy hassle the big dog. Below you see Sasha teasing the puppy.

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