Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter time in Sunshine Bay.

As you can see we've had our first snowfall here in the Kootenay Mountains. I love winter- it's a Siberian cat's favorite time of year. My coat is quite different from how I look in summer and my multi-layered coat helps me cope with the snow and cold. Siberian coats have the added bonus of being hypo-allergenic for some cat lovers who can't have cats but can have Siberians. Which I think is quite wonderful!
Siberians also have large paws, heavy boning, strong muscles and long fur between our toes - all of which helps us travel in snow.

Sasha who has just turned 4 months (weighing in at 3kg or 6.6 lbs) also loves the snow. He isn't quite so happy about the cold as he still has his kitten coat which is not as effective at keeping a hunter warm. But as you can see from the picture below he has beautiful dark markings - so when he does develop his adult coat he should be quite a striking fellow.

Now I must report that the females in my life seem to have a greater preference for lying in the chair in front of the fireplace than playing in the snow.
I'm trying to entice them outside for pictures but so far they are holding firm to the territory beside the fire. I'll post their pictures later.


P.S. If you haven't seen our Holiday Greeting check it out at http://petzooba.com/playing.php?UCEC=249b401c561#nowplay

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Amantes Siberian Cats said...

AAWWWW Sasha has developed to cutiest face ever, he also fits so well to the winter landscape! I hope he wil find a good home as breeder, he really deserves it. And dad Nökö looks more handsome than ever, the winter fur looks this year even fluffier than last winter. I am jealous of all that snow you have got! Thanks for the nice winter slide show!