Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Tower

Greetings from Sunshine Bay - although its anything but sunny today. It's raining so it wasn't hard to convince the typist to update things.

The excitement yesterday was a "new" to us - cat tower.

A lovely Ragdoll named Whisper decided she so many windows and other perches to sit on in her new home that she longer needed this perch. We, of course, are ecstatic with the new tower and you see the crew checking it out. We Sibs like to be in the highest spot possible. More towers mean more of us get to be surveying the world from up high. You can see that Danny (Prekrasne Daniela), although low cat on the totem pole, always finds the toy first. You'll also notice that Anya and her daughter rule the roost. We guys don't have much of a chance!
Lucky there are lots of other towers and perches for the definitely second-in-command males of the household.
Bye for now

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