Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anya and Alina

So this is what retirement looks like - my first love Anya and our daughter Alina (Ali) now leave in Vernon, BC with 5 adoring family members. Here they are enjoying the view from the window - you can clearly see the difference between a mackerel tabby (left) and a classic tabby (right) in this picture. They both have great coats and beautiful eyes. We miss them here at Murlyka but are very happy that they have found such a wonderful new family to pamper them.


Druzhina siberians said...

lovely chunky girls :-)

goretti3 said...

Hi, Anya and Alina! Nice to meet you two through this blog. Two of you look so chubby and beautiful. What a lovely look and just extremely lucky to have you two gorgeous cats live in the house in Vernon BC. You must bring so much joyous moment to your current owners! Is that right? I am sure your owners will love two of you so much that's why they keep your coat so neat and tidy. I would say you can go for a cat show anytime of the year and be sure win!