Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Sky Tower

The girls were rather jealous of my outdoor run - so the builder made a little space for them.
He made a beautiful run just outside their door but the typist thought the Siberians need places to get
up high and enjoy the view - so this is what the builder came up with - There are three longs runs suspended from the ceiling like the one Miisu is laying on.

They connect with gang planks for the kittens to walk or as they get braver they simply jump from one to another. Room for the whole litter of kittens and all the girls to hang out and look down on the rest of the world.

I gotta say the builder is a pretty handy guy to for a cat to hang around with.


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goretti3 said...

Hi Girls! You all must enjoy your outdoor cat run just built by your handy builder. Now this is my turn to feel jealous about it. I did not have my own sunroom attached to my home and I could not have anychance to have a sun bath in a sunroom. You all are so lucky to have this built for this summer!