Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our Japanese Girls -Kaede and Kurumi

Kittens #1 and #4 (Murlyka Dainty Bess and Murlyka Distant Drums) are doing very well in their New Westminister home with Kaoru and Wade. Kaoru gave them very appropriate Japanese names. Since they are forest cats they have been named after trees - #1 is Kaede (maple tree) and # 4 is Kurumi (walnut tree).
As you can see they are best buddies and love to sleep in boxes.
What cat doesn't?

I hope you are enjoying pictures of the grandkids!


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goretti3 said...

Hi Kaede and Kurumi,

So nice to see you both and I admire you two to live in such a wonderful Japanese family. Did you try out some sushi and sasimi? It really taste good! I deeply believe that both of you enjoy your new life as I can see how sweet you two sleeping together in a box! Isn't it too small? You can ask for a cat bed, it is more comfy to sleep in. I want to see you play and have fun next time.
Bye for now. See you again real soon.