Monday, November 8, 2010

Roxie's boys are stars!

Hi All
Sorry for the long hiatus! Things have been very busy here - the typist is teaching this fall and she's commuting for 12 hours a week. She's says either I get fed and have my litter box cleaned or we work on the blog - so its a no brainer for me! Food and cuddles win every time.

Just got a wonderful video of Disco (Luigi) and Darcey (Mario) working out on the treadmill.... Check it out. They are turning into very handsome young men!

Here is the link


Melanie said...

Very cute! They are growing fast and look like they are going to be big boys!

goretti3 said...

That's so much fun to see them both on the web. They are handsome boys, just soooooo lovely and cute when working out on a treadmill. Hope they will not loose weight!