Sunday, May 20, 2012

George (Murlyka First Prize) and his best friend

Although we don't have any dogs here in Sunshine Bay ( we do listen to the coyotes howl every day though) - our kittens don't have any trouble adapting to life with a canine friend.

Here are some beautiful pictures of my fine son George (formerly Pritzy from Litter F) and his best buddy Jake.  Now it really helped that Jake is a very well trained and well mannered 7 year old dog but George soon figured that despite the size difference Jake would make the perfect play companion.  I'm not sure Jake feels the same but he takes in stride this pushy little new comer in his household.

       " Pssst!  Jake are you awake?  Want to play?"
    " I got you!"

Thanks to George's owner Michelle for the great pictures.

Nökö   =^..^=

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Amantes Siberian Cats said...

You sure have gorgeous sons, NÖkö. I really envy you! Taht dog looks very friendly, and great to see that they are such good friends.