Monday, May 28, 2012

Litter H has arrived

Well my dear daughter Elina had her first litter of kittens with our new stud - the sweet boy QGC Mystic Melody Wulfgar.
 Blue Boy
 Black Tabby Boy 1
 Tabby with White Boy 1
 Our tiny girl and one of her big brothers
 Tabby with White Boy 2
 Tabby Boy 2
Elina and Babies

She did need a c-section but thanks to exemplary veterinary care - mother and babies are all fine.  There are 5 big boys (around 128 -132 gms) and one tiny little girl (74 gms).  Despite her small size she was the first to figure how to latch on and is nursing all the time (as you can see from her picture above) - so we are confident she will gain weight quickly.

So I think I now have about 15 grandchildren.  Looking forward to having more.

Nökö   =^..^=


Amantes Siberian Cats said...

What a lovely bunch of ktitens! Big congrats to Nökö, the proud grand dad!

goretti3 said...

Hi Elina, congratulation on this beautiful bunch of kittens! You take after your mom who deliver beautiful and healthy kitten. I will let Roxie knows about this big news!