Saturday, October 4, 2008

On the eve of their 7 week birthday

Greetings! I never thought that 17 months I'd be feeling old but seven week old kittens can do that to you. Everyday this week, they went further, faster, higher and longer. It seems that play, play and more play is the only thing on their calenders.

But tiring as it is - its great fun. Then now run from one end the house to the other and quickly back again. They do stop for food - as you can see from above where they are fueling up for the next set of races.

The typist is visiting her mother for a few weeks so this is a short post.
I've just attached pictures of the kittens - You can see their lovely warm brown colors!





Toni and Ali

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Amantes Siberian Cats said...

Hi Nökö,
your kittens are growing to really wonderful Siberians!! I enjoy so much following their developement. Ali seems to be a very strong girl, but those two others are also way too cute!!
Hugs from pa Cedi and mom Izzi!!