Monday, February 16, 2009

Ali & Sasha Six Months Old

Nökö here! We like any reason to celebrate and since Ali & Sasha are officially 6 months old we thought we honor them in today's post.

Not to be a boastful dad - well, maybe just a little boastful- these kitten/teenager cats are something special. They seem to have inherited the best of me (Nökö) and their mother Anya.
Here some photos to show you what I mean.
They are very athletic - both of them excel at clicker training and can't wait to start the agility circuit. Here's Sasha showing off some of his athletic prowess. He's a heavy boned solid guy. Last week he weighed 9.6 lbs (4.4 kg).
Ali is our sultry beauty. She has my classic coloring - and her mother's lovely eyes. She's a heavy boned solid girl (kinda of like me - except for the girl part). She weighed 8 lbs (3.6kg) last week. Here's a closeup! The best part is that even though they are teenagers they are incredibly even tempered and happy cats. They purr all the time and love their people with a passion. They are very creative and are forever finding new games to amuse themselves and their humans.

So wishing Sasha, Ali and our readers all the best on this their six month birthday!


Amantes Siberian Cats said...

Big congratulations on your kids 6 months birthday, papa Nökö! Grandpa Cedi and grandma Izzi can hardly believe how wonderful and well developed chunky grandkids they have. They are happy to hear that the kids are having a great life over there. Cedi can't get over it, that his granddaugther weighs the same as he did at 6 months:-) not to talk about brother Sasha. We are all curious to see how they both look after the next 6 months!!

Murlyka Siberian Cattery said...

Tell Cedi and Izzi that we (Anya and Nökö)also just watch in wonder as these kittens keep growing! and eating of course!

My Siberian Kitties said...

Beautiful !!! Happy Birthday !