Monday, July 12, 2010

Introducing Five

One of these kittens is not like the others - one of these kittens is not the same (Sesame Street). Well the kitten that isn't like the others is the beautiful classic girl Five. She is the only one of the litter that takes after our side of the family - more specifically me! with her beautiful classic markings and no white. She is a solid, stocky girl whose coat is getting thicker and fluffier everyday (that she gets from her Daddy Sasha). She also gets her sweet sad expression from her Dad. She loves to eat, play and check things out. She will be going with Sasha (when he retires) to live with Marlene and Ken - who are very lucky to get two of my most beautiful offspring.

Check out more pictures of Five on her web album


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goretti3 said...

Hi Kitten Five, you are one of the unique kitten among this litter and you are a sturdy kitten and very playful. You look exactly like your Dad and will be a special kitten for your future owner! Love to meet you and with such a friendly personality!

Druzhina siberians said...

she is lovely classic girl, she would make a good breeding girl I am guessing, I assume she is going for pet?

Murlyka Siberian Cattery said...

Hi Claire
She would make a wonderful breeding cat - she is however going as a pet. I hope to show her as a kitten ...

Druzhina siberians said...

Thats is nice but a shame for breeders ;-) I hope she grows upto be like her daddy a wonderful boy, I will be watching her grow and cant wait to see her fully grown x