Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introducing "Two"





Hi Sorry for the delay in introducing "Two" but the typist has misplaced the camera cord. Who knows what she'll lose next.

Anyway these pictures are a few days old but you get a sense of what a lovely mackerel tabby and white boy Two is. He has a tiny white tip on his tail and an even tinier (about 20 white hairs) spot on his left shoulder. He and Three look a lot alike but when looking at them from above Two's white makes a necklace across his shoulders.

We are always wondering what will Two get up too next - as he's always on the go - checking out the every toy, every one who comes in the room and what's to eat, what's to chase. He loves being scratched and especially loves running up to the camera to see how it works.

We'll be updating his web album when the typist finds the rest of the camera........ In the meantime you can check out his pictures from last Friday.


BFN Nökö
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goretti3 said...

Hi, Kitten Two. You are a handsome boy and look energetic! I am looking forward to see your updated photos to come soon.

Amantes Siberian Cats said...

Two is very handsome and reminds a lot of my Boogie as kitten. He will certainly be also as adult a very handsome cat!