Saturday, May 19, 2012

Murlyka Eisenach

I'm very excited and proud to say that my boy Eisenach (Sena - also known at his home in New Brunswick as Kody) had a very good first show in TICA.  At 11 mons old in his first show as an adult he was showing against the second highest point Siberian alter in the world and still won 5 finals including a Best Cat.  His owner Diane reports he has the perfect show personality - and is a big love bug.  You can see from his pictures from the show, he was very relaxed he and how much he takes after his handsome Dad!  He is one very sturdy guy!

I'm sure his mom Roxy (now retired and living in Edmonton) is very proud as well.

Nökö   =^..^=


goretti3 said...

Cody, you are such a handsome boy and performed so well at the Cat Show! Your mom Roxie is proud of you! Continue on you good tempermant at the future cat show. I am looking forward to see more photos of you.

goretti3 said...

Hi Cody, congratulation on your first show that won the best cat at the TICA cat show. I am sure your mom Roxie would be very proud of you! Looking forward to see more photos of you!

Amantes Siberian Cats said...

WOW, big congrats! You should tell your secretary Diane, that she tells about all these nice things also in her Facebook. I wonder who many people find all these great Nökö News!!!

Amantes Siberian Cats said...

Hi NÖkö, this is such wonderful news, I can't even imagine how proud you are!! Give a hint to your secretary that she tells about all these gerat Nökö News also on her FB wall, would be easier to follow.
Hugs from dad Cedi and mom Izzi in Finland